quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2009

HAPPY 2010!! FELIZ 2010!

HAPPY NYE FOR EVERYONE! Tomorrow I will start my biggest project ever, 365 mash ups in 2010, one per day, one for each day of the year! GOD BLESS ME! I will post all the mash ups in the new blog that I just made here . I don't know if I will be very active in this blog (FM) in 2010 because of the 365 project but I will try very hard! Love, peace and sex for everybody!! See you next year!

terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Empina a Pipa by DJ Chernobyl OUT NOW!

I made my first Axé Mix (also the first in history) for DJ Chernobyl the album Empina a Pipa. It was released by Exploited Records by DJ Shir Khan.

ACIDKIDS feat Marina Out Now!

I made a Tecnobrega Mix for ACIDKIDS feat. Marina! You can buy it here!

Dancing Cheetah X Calzone at Vale Open Air

By Filipe Raposo

By Breno Pineschi

By Party Busters

By Party Busters

By Karlson Montenegro

What a great time in Brazil! My two parties, Calzone and Dancing Cheetah, played at Vale Open Air Festival in Rio de Janeiro. It was an AMAZING time! Check out this crowd! 3.300 people dancing!! My biggest audience ever! hahha! Also the biggest lambada dancing train in Rio ever!